Classport’s semester program offers the opportunity to explore what it means to assume the responsibilities of global citizenship from the lived experience of a specific place.

Living in Dublin, studying at The Institute of Art, Design and Technology, students will have the option to choose from the following fields of study

English, Media & Critical Theory

Courses combine the study of Literature with Film and Television studies. You will explore culture and gain insight into how it affects our daily lives. You will study literary works, media texts, film, television and visual cultures. If you are passionate about literature and the media, these courses are the perfect opportunity to develop your media literacy and refine your ability to make critically-reasoned arguments.

  • Documentary and Film Studies
  • Political Economy and Globalization
  • 19th Century Literature
  • Tragic Theatre
  • Popular Cultures
  • Writing for multiple media platforms
  • Genres of Popular Fiction
  • 20th Century Irish Writing
  • James Joyce
  • Cultural Identities
  • Contemporary Cinema
  • Research Methods
  • Modernism
  • TV Drama
  • Work Employment and Society
  • Research Proposal Development

New Media Studies

If you like to make videos, documentaries, tell stories or write blogs, these courses are for you. Explore the development of media and its evolution in to the digital era. Courses examine ways to both create and better understand visual and written communication in a digital culture.

  • Documentary, Film, and Global
  • Media Industries
  • Media Production
  • News writing
  • Multiple Media platforms
  • Gaming and media
  • The Music Industry
  • Media Technology
  • Design thinking

Arts Management

Arts Management brings together the best of business, public relations and event management with the study of arts administration, the music industry and cultural policy. Courses introduce you to the practical skills required to work in business and the arts.

  • Digital Marketing
  • Visual Cultures
  • Media Law
  • Financial Management
  • Performance studies
  • Cultural Event Management
  • Business Research Methods
  • Music Publishing
  • Sectoral Analysis

Experience Ireland like a local…not a tourist.


A little bit about Dublin

The Republic of Ireland’s capital has transformed itself over the last 20 years from a quiet, provincial city into a modern, thriving European city. Universities abound and create a youthful energy as about 35% of Dublin’s population is under 25. Lively urban areas with ancient pubs, live music and restaurants mingle with historic churches and libraries, ancient ruins and beautiful green spaces. The river Liffey (spanned by numerous beautiful bridges) divides the city into two distinct areas where you can explore. You will find it easy to enjoy the best of what Dublin has to offer!

Additional Information


Language of Instruction: English

Affiliated institutions: IADT (Institute of Art, Design and Technology)

Course Duration: 12 weeks




The Classport Dublin program offers students the ability to register and take a wide variety of courses for up to 12 credits per semester. Students may choose up to 4 courses (3 credits per course) from a select group of offerings for the schools of English and Media Cultural Studies, New Media Studies and Arts Management from IADT.


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Travel and Excursions

Travel is an essential part of studying abroad. Taking knowledge from the classroom and applying it through direct observation allows for greater classroom comprehension and cultural understanding.

Excursions MAY Include:

  • Dublin City Bus Tour for Orientation
  • Book of Kells
  • Glasnevin Cemetery
  • GAA – Gaelic Athletic Association
  • Additional Excursions MAY include:
  • Weekend excursion to west or southern coast
  • Day trip to Wicklow county
  • Day trip to Belfast, Northern Ireland to visit Peace and Reconciliation centers