Summer in Vienna, Austria

Welcome to Vienna, Austria. Vienna is one of the international organization capitals of the world, and is home to many major NGOs and international organizations such as Amnesty International and the United Nations. It is an energetic city with a rich historical past and a major role in the global present.

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June 9th, 2018 – August 4th, 2018

Deadline April 15th, 2018
Vienna’s rich history and culture is on display everywhere in the city, from its art and music museums to its elaborate palaces and theaters. Whether walking on the Ringstrasse or sitting at a quaint sidewalk café, the richness of Vienna’s past and the vibrancy of its present is everywhere to be seen, making this one of Europe’s most exciting places for students to spend the summer.


Our Vienna housing consists of home stays with the support of a host family. If you prefer, self-catering apartments are available for a completely independent experience. All of our accommodations are within easy access to public transportation or walking distance to the center of Vienna and close to your internship placement. Meals are provided either with the host family or through a meal stipend
Weekly excursions and social activities are part of the Vienna Internship program. Students visit such sites in Vienna as Belvedere Palace, Parliament and the House of Music. The program also includes a weekend excursion to Salzburg, Austria. You will aso be provided with a public transportation pass that allows you to move easily around the city.
The Vienna program partners with Pinnacle Study Institute to provide an onsite director and internship coordinator. We are tuned into your needs, providing 24/7 assistance and support.
The Vienna program is an all inclusive program making it an affordable option for students. Price includes tuition, housing, breakfasts, local transportation pass, excursions and social activities.


In this 8 week program students are placed with an Austrian Company or agency for 32 hours per week. (Monday through Thursday) for a total of 256 hours or 6 credits.

Internships can be extended if more hours are required. Internships are in English but if preferred, can be in German.

All internship placements are personalized and non-paid and occur in the following areas of study:


Total Price $5,540.00


Personalized Internship placement
Accommodation with host family or self catering
Meal Stipend
Local transportation pass

Airport transfer on day of arrival
Weekly excursions and socials
24 hour support
Health and Emergency evacuation insurance
Taxes and fees


Deadline to apply April 14, 2018. A $300.00 application fee is to accompany the application
Final payment date May 21st, 2018