Ecuador Spring Program

This spring semester program is ideal for business majors with a dual interest in Spanish language. Students directly enroll at the University of Cuenca, taking up to 9 credit hours in business and are placed in a part time internship in Cuenca, Ecuador. Students will be exposed to this beautiful city located in the heart of the Andes Mountains of Ecuador, and be immersed in Ecuadorian culture.

MARCH 6 2016 – JULY 24, 2016


With beautiful architecture, and friendly people, Cuenca is an ideal study abroad location. While in Cuenca, students will stay with Ecuadorian host families, take classes at the University of Cuenca, and participate in a variety of excursions and culture activities. Students will be carefully partnered with a local business in Ecuador, allowing them first hand knowledge of South American business culture while they gain experience in the workplace.


With the assistance of CLASSPORT’s on-site partner, El Nomad Study Abroad Programs, students will enroll at the University of Cuenca and choose from the number of business courses available through this state institution. Students can choose up to 9 credits (2-3 classes) that fit their overall academic needs. Students will then follow the University of Cuenca spring schedule and take classes with other Ecuadorian students.


Students are matched to a specific Ecuadorian Family who welcomes them into their home while in Cuenca. Families live in and around Cuenca with access to Cuenca’s public transportation system. Staying with a specially selected Ecuadorian family allows students to have their independence while being in a supportive environment with breakfast, lunch and dinner provided.


Students will have opportunities to attend weekly culture activities (known as charla), organized by El Nomad. Planned excursions to places like the Caja’s National Park will also be offered on select weekends.


During their time on this spring program, students will have access to the El Nomad center and can call on-site staff for assistance 24 hours per day 7 days per week. El Nomad staff will provide frequent student follow up to make certain their time in Cuenca is a positive and enriching experience.

PRICE: $8450

Includes: ​

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  • Airport transfer from Quito to Cuenca, Ecuador
  • Virtual pre-departure orientation and on site orientation
  • Cell phone rental
  • 3 meals per day
  • Bus pass
  • 24 hour support

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  • Accommodation with carefully chosen Ecuadorian Host families
  • Internship placement
  • Direct enrollment at the University of Cuenca
  • Excursions and weekly cultural activities
  • Health and Emergency Evacuation Insurance
  • Taxes and Fees

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